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The Power of Persistence
May 22, 2011

A few weeks ago one of my clients called me in frustration.  He just couldn’t find a way to move forward with his career in his current company. He decided to take my advice and expand his network to find a job that would better use his skills.  He decided to become a member of  a working committee of his professional association to build strong connections.   He was frustrated with that too.  He applied to be a member of the committee and never got a call back.    I asked him how many times he tried.  His reply:  once. 

Once?  How many times do we get something we really want on the first try?  He forgot the power of persistence – that unrelenting pursuit to get what you want.   I suggested he just try again and again and again using different approaches.  And, I suggested he talk to members on committees to find out what they did to get their committee roles.

The first time I remember using the power of persistence was when I decided early in my career that I wanted to be a consultant.  A friend of mine Mary worked at a consulting firm and said I constantly asked her about openings at her company.  (I don’t remember that.)  But, when a job opened up in her unit, she forwarded my resume directly to the hiring manager and helped me prep for the interview.  I got that job and it launched my career in a completely different direction.  I’ll never forget that when I really want something, the power of persistence will help me achieve it.



The Exponential Power of Networking
September 16, 2010

The easiest way to see the exponential power of networking is watching your network grow in LinkedIn.  A mere 60 direct connections can build of  a network of over 1,200,000 people overnight.  

How?   By connecting to the Super Connectors – people with the biggest and widest networks.   And it’s easy to do.   Connect to the Super Connectors you already know.  They are typically successful sales people in their field.  Then,  just push yourself out the door and go to meetings, professional events, seminars and networking events.  And, you don’t actually have to do anything because the Super Connectors are always on the hunt to connect with new people.  Talk to them, tell them “how you help companies with your expertise”,  exchange business cards, and then remember to invite them to join your LinkedIn network.  

Now here’s the key, keep their memory of you alive by keeping in touch with them, especially with insider industry news and information.  But, just remember, Super Connectors networks are broad not deep so don’t be disappointed if one of their contacts doesn’t immediately call you back.


Let Me Introduce Myself
July 9, 2010

What do you say when you introduce yourself?

 Consider the following:

  •  My name is Heather McNab.  I’m owner of the  I provide one-on-one training to individuals on their job interview skills. 


  •  My name is Heather McNab. I’m owner of the  I help people master their job interview skills so they can land their best job yet!


  •  My name is Heather McNab.  I’m owner of the  You know how a lot of people could be great contributors to organizations, but now have a hard time landing a job?  Well, I give you a solid edge in the marketplace by helping you master your job interview skills so you can land your best job yet!

Which do you as the most compelling?  Which one could you use to start your introduction?  It may be time to rethink what you say.