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The Power of Persistence
May 22, 2011

A few weeks ago one of my clients called me in frustration.  He just couldn’t find a way to move forward with his career in his current company. He decided to take my advice and expand his network to find a job that would better use his skills.  He decided to become a member of  a working committee of his professional association to build strong connections.   He was frustrated with that too.  He applied to be a member of the committee and never got a call back.    I asked him how many times he tried.  His reply:  once. 

Once?  How many times do we get something we really want on the first try?  He forgot the power of persistence – that unrelenting pursuit to get what you want.   I suggested he just try again and again and again using different approaches.  And, I suggested he talk to members on committees to find out what they did to get their committee roles.

The first time I remember using the power of persistence was when I decided early in my career that I wanted to be a consultant.  A friend of mine Mary worked at a consulting firm and said I constantly asked her about openings at her company.  (I don’t remember that.)  But, when a job opened up in her unit, she forwarded my resume directly to the hiring manager and helped me prep for the interview.  I got that job and it launched my career in a completely different direction.  I’ll never forget that when I really want something, the power of persistence will help me achieve it.



Increasing Your Odds Of Getting The Interview
February 13, 2011

You’ve submitted a resume for an advertised position.  You are fully qualified for it and it’s a job you really want.  But, here you are again waiting, waiting and growing more and more concerned that you aren’t going to get a call for an interview.  You know that there are many qualified candidates in the marketplace.   So, what can you do differently to land an interview this time?  

Try the Send a Solution approach – sending a letter or e-mail directly to the hiring manager telling them exactly how you can help them solve their problems with your expertise.  The closer you are to addressing ways you can help them make or save money will increase your odds of getting an interview.


Opening Yourself Up To Better Job Search & Job Interview Results
December 8, 2010

Over the last month, I’ve watched a business person who’s really great at selling.  However, this week her selling techniques shifted  for the worse … and as a consequence, her sales are way down.  Suddenly, when she’s talking to customers, it’s like she doesn’t care whether she’s sold something or not.  What’s interesting is what she’s saying to herself … and to anyone in listening distance.   She’s repeating over and over and over:   “No one is buying.”  “My business is just drying up.”  

So, if you are in the midst of a job search and job interviews, check what you are saying over and over to yourself and hear what you are saying to others.  You could also be shifting yourself into a mental space that limits your possible job opportunities because it’s shifting your attitude and affecting your actions.   

Here’s a simple and effective way to help you shift into a more positive mindset.  I heard it from Hale Dwoskin at Sedona Training Associates.  Simply write down all your obstacles, problems, blocks and issues in the past tense.  For example: “I used to believe that I’m never going to find another high paying  job. ”  And, accept at least the possibility that those obstacles are just memories.    Then watch.  See how you start to do things differently and watch how that changes your job search and your job interviews results.