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Increasing Your Odds Of Getting The Interview
February 13, 2011

You’ve submitted a resume for an advertised position.  You are fully qualified for it and it’s a job you really want.  But, here you are again waiting, waiting and growing more and more concerned that you aren’t going to get a call for an interview.  You know that there are many qualified candidates in the marketplace.   So, what can you do differently to land an interview this time?  

Try the Send a Solution approach – sending a letter or e-mail directly to the hiring manager telling them exactly how you can help them solve their problems with your expertise.  The closer you are to addressing ways you can help them make or save money will increase your odds of getting an interview.



Growing Requests for Specifics
January 23, 2011

In recent months, a growing number of my clients are getting follow-up e-mails from the internal and external recruiters, who conducted the initial phone interview, asking them to respond to specific questions.  And, they request that those responses be e-mailed back to them in writing. 

Behind the scenes, this often means the hiring manager is interested in your resume, has qualified candidates but  needs  more detailed information about your background and experience before deciding whether to interview you face-to-face. 

As a candidate, this request is ideal.  You get the opportunity to take the time to carefully craft your responses.  Consider them as an addendum to your resume.  

  • Give them solid proof of your experience by including specific examples. 
  • State the result first then briefly indicate how you achieved it. 
  • Keep your responses short and to the point. 

And remember, this is also gives them an example of your written communication skills. So take the time to carefully proof-read and spell check your responses before e-mailing them. 

Review these questions carefully when you prepare for your subsequent interview.  They may indicate  what’s really important to the hiring manager too. 

And, finally, think about whether you should add this information upfront in your resume.


Are You Waiting – Until Your Next Job Interview – To Prepare?
December 23, 2010

Many people call me a few days  before a very important interview asking me to help them prepare.  Yes, I help them.  But, they are missing the opportunity to be their absolute best – both polished and confident in their interview.  That comes from preparing well in advance. 

You are probably wondering how you could possibly prepare when you don’t know the exact details of the  job.  So, here’s how to get started, before you receive the call for your interview.

  1. Identify the key requirements of your targeted jobs by reviewing the descriptions of jobs you’ve already applied for or are interested in pursuing.  Review a minimum of 3 to 5 of your targeted positions.
  2. Create a list of common qualifications, skills and attributes from these job descriptions. 
  3. Then, using this information you can uncover your key interview stories. Create 3 to 5 interview stories that prove your qualifications and your ability to deliver results in those areas.

By preparing these 3 to 5 interview stories in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to practice and refine them by testing them out on your networking contacts.  That way they’ll resonate in your next job interview.  And, by preparing in advance, you’ll feel more confident too!   

If you need help identifying the common elements of your targeted positions or want help identifiying and refining your best interview stories, just call me at 416-570-7959 or contact me by e-mail, I’d be pleased to help!