That Nagging Feeling The Interviewer Is Concerned About Something

During your interview,  you may get the feeling that the interviewer is concerned about something.  So, what do you do?  Ask them about it during your interview – Do you have any concerns that stand in the way of my succeeding in this position?  It is better to know what it is upfront so you can address their concerns right away.  You may not have another chance to do it. 

To handle their concerns effectively:

  • Respond directly to each issue they raise.
  • Turn a perceived weakness into strength.
  • Include examples to prove your point.
  • Support your response by including what others have said about you and your work.  

Thinking about their possible concerns in advance is an important part of your interview preparation.  Are you missing one or more of the  job requirements they’ve listed?  Is your work experience in a different industry?  …

List any possible concerns you think they may have about your candidancy.  Then, write down your responses to each concern using the above guideline.  You’ll find that by preparing your response in advance, you’ll be effective in addressing any concerns directly during your interview.  And, you’ll build your overall confidence before and during your interview. 

Be prepared!



One Response

  1. Heather,

    Great post. It is always an awful feeling to think that your interviewer has concerns about you. One thing that I like to recommend is in your thank you letter you address those concerns with a positive and let them know by sharing good things about yourself that help to make the concerns not concerns any longer.

    Thank you for this post.

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