The Exponential Power of Networking

The easiest way to see the exponential power of networking is watching your network grow in LinkedIn.  A mere 60 direct connections can build of  a network of over 1,200,000 people overnight.  

How?   By connecting to the Super Connectors – people with the biggest and widest networks.   And it’s easy to do.   Connect to the Super Connectors you already know.  They are typically successful sales people in their field.  Then,  just push yourself out the door and go to meetings, professional events, seminars and networking events.  And, you don’t actually have to do anything because the Super Connectors are always on the hunt to connect with new people.  Talk to them, tell them “how you help companies with your expertise”,  exchange business cards, and then remember to invite them to join your LinkedIn network.  

Now here’s the key, keep their memory of you alive by keeping in touch with them, especially with insider industry news and information.  But, just remember, Super Connectors networks are broad not deep so don’t be disappointed if one of their contacts doesn’t immediately call you back.



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