Changing Careers? Industries? Toss the Specifics Out!

If you’re changing careers or changing industries, it means that some of the details about your achievements may not resonate with potential employers. So here’s what you do.  Selectively toss the specifics out.  Stick to describing the core of what you’ve achieved so they understand exactly how your experience matches their needs. 

So, let’s say you want to change industries.  You are currently working in purchasing for a hydro company and you want move to a manufacturing company. 

One of your original accomplishment stories for a hydro company is: 

  • I created a new process for selecting the best dewatering equipment for a hydro company.

Your revised version for a manufacturing company is: 

  • I created a new process for purchasing specialized equipment.

So, before you head out the door for your next interview, ask yourself :  Will these specific details resonate with this hiring organization?  If not, toss them out.



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