Changing Your Focus To Get The Promotion, Job, Career – You Really Want Faster!

Doing a job search, seeking a promotion, or changing careers means that you think a lot about you:

  •  what you want in terms of a company;
  •  what you want in terms of an income;
  •  what you want in terms of a job. 

It’s naturally a “me, me, me” process.  But if you continue to think from that “me” perspective when you start networking, ask for that promotion, or interview for the job that you really want – what you say won’t stick.  It creates a dead end not the opportunity you really want.  

So even before you start your job search, begin your networking or seek that promotion, you must make a radical shift in your perspective.  You need to turn everything about you into everything about them.  It’s changing from process-speak – what I do – into results-speak  – what a company gets from hiring you.  You need to talk the language of results, solutions and outcomes.  

Making the shift to results-speak sounds easy but it’s typically difficult to do yourself. We somehow can’t see out of that “me, me, me” perspective.  I do encourage you to try it yourself first.  But if you want an easier, more efficient way of doing it, get help from me or someone else who’s done it over and over and over.  If you want to just get there faster and with less pain, we can help. Check out our Make Me Memorable  package. We are totally focused on helping you land the job you really want!



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